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Medical Cryolipolysis
Medical Cryolipolysis




This technique cannot replace a balanced diet in cases of significant overweight but can be associated with it to allow the loss of localized fat deposits. It is therefore perfectly suitable for patients with stubborn bulges, with or without a generalized excess weight.

Medical cryolipolysis CRISTAL is a medical procedure carried out under the supervision of a physician. Dr. Franck THANACODY has undergone specific training to perform cryolipolysis safely. 

Elite Lazer Center uses the CRISTAL® device from DELEO, manufactured in France and certified as "medical CE" by BSI. The French manufacture guarantees our clients the quality of production and compliance with current medical standards in France. Moreover, it is one of the few cryolipolysis devices used in France that has truly proven its effectiveness and safety.

The principle of cryolipolysis is to intensely cool a localized fat deposit and apply strong suction pressure to induce ischemia, thus changing the configuration of adipocytes (fat storage cells).
This change in cellular state from normal body temperature (37°C) to negative temperatures (up to -12°C) sends a chemical message of apoptosis to the adipocytes (sensitive to cold) without damaging the skin or other tissues that are much less sensitive to cold. This procedure causes the crystallization of fat cells, which self-destruct under the action of the cold.
The lipid content is released, and the dead cells are gradually eliminated through the lymphatic system. The treated volume loses its fat cell density because the crystallized fat naturally and permanently disappears in the weeks following the session, leaving room for harmonious curves.
This technique, which guarantees effectiveness and safety, is non-invasive and does not require any anesthesia. After 8 weeks, the result is optimal and definitive.

To achieve optimal results, it is essential to target the area to be treated accurately. Thanks to its versatility, CRISTAL cryolipolysis can treat numerous areas in both women and men:

Double chin / neck
Arm bulges (bat wings)
Pseudogynecomastia (prominent breast appearance)
Abdomen (upper and lower abdomen)
Love handles (flanks)
Bra fold / Back fold (angel wings)
Under buttock bulges
Inner/outer thighs


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